Friday, April 17, 2015

Politigeek: to aspire to or condone lots of socially important thinking (maybs)

Guys, I'm a politigeek.

I believe a lot of corruption has stemmed from taxation. Money is not evil, but the love thereof proves depraving.

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A friend and I had an interesting conversation last night, and he introduced me to his idea about why people are in a debt mentality. That's how our culture works, through loans, insurance premiums and instant, pay-it-off-later options galore.

Insurance was stated as a main contributor to the reason people have felt less need to save and more need to buy satisfaction or security. Before there were insurance agencies, there were charitable people in a community who would pay for each others' emergency financial needs. Nearly everyone attended a church. When one member was in need for medical, disaster, or otherwise, a hat/basket would be passed and everyone gave what they could. But people still saw great importance in saving, because the community may not pay for the entire bill. People had to be self-sufficient.

Eventually, someone thought it would be good to require everyone in a community to pay a certain amount every year or month to ensure there was a fund available to help the needy individuals. Later down the road, someone probably got the idea to give certain individuals who could afford it the option of premiums. That was a good way to really sell insurance and make an extra buck. Nothing wrong with trying start a business. But... A business has to offer an enticing product they can push on the consumer.

The federal government does not have to do that, and they now control and "sell" health insurance.

I can understand the requirement for car insurance. We're using roads that were made for the postal service and interstate (intrastate?) commerce. We should have to make sure we're able to pay for damage to these commodities we are borrowing. We should be able to pay damages done to another individual also borrowing the same commodity. We pay a tax on the upkeep and improvement of the roads as well. That's well-established and needed.

Health insurance... That's a sticky one. And it's not. By state law and requirements put on medical practitioners, it is almost necessary for us to buy health insurance. By principle, it is absolutely wrong.

If you go into the hospital for a broken leg, they are REQUIRED to help you. If you didn't have health insurance, you'd be in trouble. Although you do pay an amount into taxes automatically through your income tax to cover situations like this, meaning you're covered by the state and making the hospital's lecture less substantiated, such a method of payment is not well-received.

And I get it. I don't like to be mandated to pay for abortion. I think abortion is a crime against humanity. Lot's of people don't share that view. And, to this point, they've been the most well heard group. So, I pay for abortion. It makes me sick.

Some may think the same way about health insurance. If I don't pay, I'm not supporting the system; I'm abandoning other humans; I'm committing a crime against humanity. But what if I'm the one being abandoned by all those who choose to find their security in mandates and government assistance? What if I can't afford anymore taxation and required privileges? Well, the government will take the wheel when I've lost control, so what's the problem?

The government. Taking control. That's the problem.

Because they can force us, at the threat of fines, to purchase something that is for our own good, but doesn't really affect others. Until now. Now that the government has taken it on, it's everyone's problem.

Because we don't save money anymore (to return to my original point). Because we have a sense of security in a bloating system so full of laws, bylaws, debt and ineptitude that it'll soon burst.

Because our security was never meant to be in government, our local leaders, or even ourselves. I DO believe we were meant to be self-sufficient so as to not rely wholly on others, though there is an element of interdependence I believe to be important as well. That is, to release our pride and say, "I need help."

I have a friend who says some amazing words. "Paddle your own boat, man," he replies to my opinions and ideas. I think that's a very simple way of summarizing what I believe. You gotta be responsible for moving your own life along. You can't rely on others to take up the oar for where your personal little kayak is taking you. I could go into all the if's, and's, or's and but's about that very vague statement, but... not now.

To summarize more eloquently, I think the government has allowed a mindset of proclivity to the notion that debt is needed. That has in turn reduced the perceived need to save, because we can pay off rather than wait for what we apparently need. I have to say that I've been slow in coming to realize the epidemic this is, having bought into the debt mentality myself. I blame no one but myself. It's not the government's fault. And I don't expect them to fix the problem. But there are those who do think the government is there to help them out, because that's all they've known.

I think we, the citizens, should have more open discussion with our representatives. If we're going to complain, we need to have a solution. If we're going to have a solution, we need to have open discussion. If we're going to have open discussion, we need minimal emotion and full transparency. I've sent emails to representatives in the past and received replies. They usually consist of a more elaborate version of, "Thanks for your concern, this is how the situation actually works," ending the conversation right there, or, "Dear concerned citizen, your opinion is highly valued. Please continue to communicate," leaving the communication unfinished with much to be desired.

Those types of replies have always seemed insincere to me. Of course there's a lot more involved than what I realize, but I'd think a representative may say something along the lines of, "Thank you for your concern. I am weighing the issue from both sides according to the public's input; both those who elected me, and those who voted for the opposition. I hope to represent you as accurately as possible through common sense and according to the majority who continue to contact me concerning current events. I represent not a party, but a people." Well, wasn't that a noble response? It may not pan out that way every time, but seems appropriate for a representative, in my opinion.

I have a certain way I want things to turn out, but if a larger portion of citizens have a different, sensible idea, theirs should take precedence over mine through representation. I think that's how it's supposed to work? But it's only a theory.

To end my geeking out here in the political world of rants, I'd just like to say, I write this to open discussion. I don't know the answer to the problem, but I think it could start with each man and woman making measurable strides to become self-sufficient. We should rely on each other as well, but don't make an institution responsible for the outcome of your life. Grasp at your potential and become what you are capable of. Each man and woman, living their lot with exceptional diligence, knowing who you are and being real.

That's my American Dream.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Good. Evil. Us. Dichotomy?

Hey, everyperson!

I haven't written in here for an elapsed period.

Tomorrow is church time! I'm taking the attitude of the Psalmist who said, "I was glad when they said to me, 'let us go to the house of the Lord!'" - Psalm 122:1

We get to sing to God and, in view of all His grand mightiness, that's quite the privilege!

I'm thinking about how many awful things are going on in the world tonight. Truly things to be concerned over and pray about. At the same time, here I am, enjoying casual conversation about the trials of growing older, utilizing a technologically advanced device to communicate with y'all, and planning my future that seems so open from this side of time.

It's easy to think that life is unfair and that I shouldn't be able to enjoy these little things as others suffer so greatly across the sea. Truth is, evil is all around us daily. Hourly.

Every minute.

So is goodness.

I wanna put my focus there. Where life is promising. Where tomorrow has potential and today is called intentional. Where good dims the wrongs that are constantly there. We can't deny the existence of evil and the reign of travesty. But trying to fix it by turning your attention on the problems is to lose sight of the actual solution.

We have to recognize good by partaking of it while we are graced with the evidence of its existence. Then, in the times we don't see the good, we still have known evidence that the room we're in is not the end of our reach.

Some aren't fortunate enough to know good for very long, if at all in their lives. The days are counted out with misfortune touched by misfortune. A life can end in cold, gray desperation, having never seen the meaning of ambition. Though, even there, in final despair, an unexplainable peace that has always existed can invade. A peace that rest comes after the race.

Cherish the good you see. No matter how small. Perhaps more importantly, no matter how big. You're so fortunate. If you're American, you're more than likely extremely well off. Every good thing is a gift from the Father of Lights. When surrounded by darkness, remember the light. When basking in blessings, remember to pray the less fortunate would be so blessed. Above all of that, live your worship, in good and bad. He's always good.

See you tomorrow!

May your way be Lit.

-Andrew R. M. Hanson

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hiccups and Fluency

Here I am in Macedonia. I've been living here for a month. Currently I am in Bitola where I've found a huge need for a missionary to come and work next to Pastor Tefik long term. I am working in Veles and travelling abroad. I can't help with the need specifically, but I can help point out the need so that someone will help.

Are you a missionary? Can you work with youth and understand or learn Macedonian? Come quickly to Bitola, MK to help!

I live in the small town of Veles. Small being sixty thousand residents. The people are friendly and welcoming and the streets and buildings tell stories of ancient culture. The love and reverence for each other is something more intimate than what you may find in a common American city. The city operates in hiccups. I realized this as I walked along hiccuping because of the massive amount of food I had just eaten. The portions here are enormous wherever you go. The street traffic consists of people driving cars and people walking. As they weave through the commotion, it's almost as if there's no right of way. I haven't recognized such a thing during any of my two-week visits over the past five and a half years. Sometimes cars stop for pedestrians. Cars many times drive on without giving much heed to anything beside their proposed destination. The traffic carries on a conversation that I don't understand yet, like the language. It is inconsistent to the point that I find no pattern beside that of increased caution in my own steps. Don't wanna get dead on a curb.

I am beginning to understand words that are spoken in conversation. It's as if I'm a genius. As iF. iF. hmmm... That sounds like a good name for a band. Little "i", big "F". Or, perhaps that's too cliche. Well, better jump on that if it's for you. It's the bees knees in band names! Off the rabbit trail, please. Thanks. Macedonian words... That's where I was. The variations on words have me confused in speaking the language yet, but I can understand the roots of words. I'm beginning to understand ownership and past tense and all that jazz. Four months left to become fluent!

Speaking of fluency, Romans 3:23 says, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." By this Scripture it's evident that we are all fluent in the same language, believing or not. We have each been apportioned the same grace to give us love we don't deserve. We have each been shown mercy to detain judgement that we do deserve. Each of us have been called and are therefore fluent in the articulation of grace and mercy. The love of God is perfect and unites us all, calling us to be truly reunited in mind, body and spirit as sons and daughters of God. He has given to each person gifts to use that joy would emerge. Let's give the same grace that the Father has given to us to our brothers and sisters when we are grafted into the vine. Merely speaking the same language is not enough to maintain unity. You must understand why we speak the same language. This is so important to truly loving your neighbor. It's because we are all God's creation, valuable and created worthy of eternal life. We have made ourselves unworthy, but God wishes to make our filthiness whiter than snow by the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 139:14 says, "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

And further, "How precious to me are your thoughts, oh God! How vast are the sum of them!" David is saying that God's thoughts are for him. The context of this entire chapter is God's fashioning of people, His care and passion for creating humankind.

Moreover, David requests, "Search me, oh God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!" He knows that he is corruptible, but also realizes the value God placed on him. David accepts God's righteousness, despite the terrible things he has done in his flesh.

This is the fluency I'm talking about. Don't look only at the value God has on you, but on the equal value and even distribution of grace for the person next to you. No one can obtain salvation, but God has decided that everyone can. God is worthy of praise. We are worthy of salvation. Not because of what we've done. No, that only makes us unworthy of anything good. We are worthy because of who we are. And we are not anyone other than who God has made us. We attempt to become a mask and deny the identity of God in us. But the mask is not what is behind the facade. We are conceived as sinners and God watches us from that moment, having patience so we will find the opportunity to receive His grace. How great is that grace, that even though we denied the worth God put on us and turned our back on Him, rejecting His truth and love, He is persistent. He calls us His own and desires to call every man and woman the same.

We are fluent in humanity, God's greatest creation.

Andrew R. M. Hanson

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bruno Mars - Grenade

You know what song I hate? That grenade song by Bruno Mars. It's annoying
cuz the man can't man up and get over the rejection. He's so entitled and it makes me sick. Love the music. Hate the message. Just thought I'd share that with the world. Thanks.

-Andrew R. M. Hanson

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So, an interesting happening happened. I previously wrote on the mystery of my dream's whereabouts. This was a literal memoir laced with innumerable figurative connotations that purveyed my inert state. Or...

After writing that post I was able to record the content of my dreams beyond my initial awareness of consciousness. I don't know if it was my conscious effort attempting to understand the relevance of these mind journey's lack, or if I simply started hitting the sack at a healthy hour more often. Should have kept a log. Either way, I've been dreaming incessantly and remembering a large portion of the content.

And now I am a few months older than I was when I originally wrote this note.

Andrew R. M. Hanson

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does Anyone Know What Happened to My Dreams?

I'm not even gonna start this blog by saying 'I haven't blogged in so dern long...' No! I'm simply going to compose a blog because I'm out of school today, though, preferably, the content of this particular posting will be anything but simple. If you know what I mean...

Currently, I am finishing my AFA in Music at Riverland in Austin, MN. Theory IV is proving to be a most enjoyable subject. Yes. Yes, indeed.

But, do you really want to hear about this? No! You would rather have your ears pleased by an interesting fact or coy joke I may share. Well, really, who am I to say what you want? So perhaps I'll just tell you something about fascinations I've witnessed as of late.

In General Psychology this semester, we have been studying the brain and neurons. We were instructed near the beginning of our classes to begin keeping a dream journal. We will be using these dreams in some type of class project at a future date. I've found a problem with this... Recently, I've dreamt quite a lot, but only during the day.

While I'm awake.



So, anyway. What happened to my dreams? I wonder who took them.

We all know that the only dreams of any consequence are the ones that congregate in your unconscious mind: the ambitions that display the true nature of your character.

I think it may be more accurate to say that these 'missing' dreams are actually present and merely unrecognized as so and irrelevant to my current economy within. The exchange of currencies see no worth in recording sub-conscious thought.

I've forgotten my dreams... Like Captain Hook just before Peter Pan sends him down to an unseemly demise in the belly of the croc. Perhaps it's because my mind is too busy making up it's own dreams while I'm awake. When sleep time comes, my dreams need rest as well.

Whatever the case, I know my friends still have dreams so they can't all be gone. The dreams, that is.

Sorry that I couldn't come up with any jokes...

Andrew R. M. Hanson